STAKE is an upcoming 1v1 Turn Based Strategy game for PC.

It is a unique mixture of Collectible Card Games and Boardgames. Players will face each other both on the field, where they’ll try to¬†outmanoeuvre enemy units, and on the market, where they will try to¬†outbid their opponents to snatch useful units and secure aerial support from the deck.


In STAKE there is only one deck for both sides.
Each turn, 7 cards are drawn from the deck, and both players secretly bet money on them in order to add them to their hands. Once the bets are revealed the highest bidder wins the card and adds it to his hand.


Cards acquired during the betting phase can then be played on the field.
Units form the backbone of your army. When played from your hand they are placed on the field and can then move and attack as well as use their special abilities.
Strikes are single use cards that provide aerial support to your ground troops.


The board is where all the action takes place. The two players spawn on opposite sides of the hexagonal grid and will need to secure as many oil rigs as possible which, if captured, will yield important resources that are of vital importance for acquiring new cards from the deck.